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The Mission

Chapel in the parish of St Andrews now known as the Mission bistro

Orbs caused by rain


Merchants House Plymouth

Built in the 16/17th  century

view of Cathedral spire.

spire with school in fore ground

Cathedral house and school

unknown ruined building next to cathedral

back view
another view of Cathedral house

ST Marys school


view of church from lawn by prysten house

close up of Yogges tower built 1481

 Prysten house built sometime in the 15c

 The abbey hall built in the 20s on the old stable block , close up of large window features reflection of the clock tower.

abbey hall featuring part of the guildhall (treasury) now a wine bar


ford park cemetary

this is the former offices of ford park


new journal

this is another account i have created.
fancied a change of name but didnt know how to do it.